5 Surprising Benefits of Having an Air Purifier

Indoor air may not be considered as contaminated as outdoor air, but it doesn’t mean that it is completely pure and fit for us to breathe in. At your home or office, there are various bacteria, dust, and germs which we cannot see but are present in the air. Outdoor pollution enters your home with you and pollutes your home’s air. This is one of the reasons they say it is necessary to wash hands, face, and feet as soon as you come back home. But even when you clean yourself, is the air clean?

Your home’s air needs to be purified in order to breathe only fresh and dust free air. Spider webs, dust that come along with the wind through windows and many other particles that are emitted from electronics, all pollute the air and increases the chance of skin allergies or lung diseases. To avoid the hazardous pollutants to enter your body through air, it is important to improve the quality of air by adding an Air Purifier to your home. It comes with several benefits for health and is also the best way to filter your home’s air 24/7. Let us understand the several benefits an Air Purifier comes with.

There are several surprising benefits of adding an air purifier to your home. And with some basic research, you can select the best air purifier that will suit your needs. If you have a pet dog or cat, you might be the one very needy to bring an air purifier in your space. Pets share our homes and bring along bacteria, pollen, pet odor, dirt and stains from outdoors that don’t go away with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Hence, an Air Purifier comes handy to stay away from allergies, dust, and pollen indoors. Here are the five benefits of bringing an Air Purifier.

1)    Pollens are the cause of hay fever and a good Air Purifier with HEPA filter by Future Choice, one of the best Air Purifier suppliers in India, can help eliminate hay fever causing pollen.

2)    Mold spores live in damp areas of the home like the bathroom and can cause severe lung infections. An air purifier with the ability to keep mold spores at bay would be the best choice.

3)    Dust mites live in the dusty area which makes difficult for everyone to avoid dust allergies at home. An air purifier at this time helps in keeping dust away.

4)    The fragrance of curries and spices stay in the air and to eliminate it while making the air feel fresh; an air purifier is helpful.

5)    Bacteria in the air can also be a reason for constant allergies or sickness, an air purifier with right stages of filters can help remove bacteria from the air and improve the health.

These are a few benefits of installing an Air Purifier in your interiors. If you are looking for popular air purifier suppliers in India, visit http://www.fcairpurifier.com/

Why You Should Have an Air Purifier at your Office

An office can also be called your second home. After all, you spend about eight to ten hours every single day in it. So why not make it more comfortable and hygienic as you would do in your home. We understand that it is important to keep necessary things clean and tidy, like the office cabins or desks, but what about the air? Just like your home which needs to be cleaned, even your office needs it. Though the housekeeping staff does that, no one can purify the air in your office premises except for an Air Purifier. The indoor air in your office also needs filtration to avoid getting contacted by diseases, germs, and bacteria. An air purifier comes like a helping hand to maintain your health while you are at work. It is the best option to stay away from airborne diseases which affect office goers a lot. So let us understand the reasons how important is an air purifier and the need to have an Air Purifier in an office;

1)    Old or Newly Renovated Office Building – Working in an old or newly renovated office building can trigger various health related issues, especially the ones related to skin and lungs. An old building or a newly renovated office premises which is not well maintained might have dust, mold spores and bacteria in the air, which circulates even in the office spaces. Due to these air contaminants, one can develop allergies and those who are already allergic to the pollutants; it might become worse. An air purifier with HEPA filter helps eliminate these elements from the air and provide clean, fresh air.

2)    Poor Maintenance of HVAC – The central AC systems in many offices are sometimes not well maintained. Any leaks from the chemicals like carbon monoxide or gases can be hazardous to health in the long term. An air purifier cleans the air and purifies the atmosphere from these chemicals. It is also advisable to get your electronics checked every once in a while for such leaks or malfunction.

3)    Freshly painted walls, fuzzy carpets or new furniture – These décor objects release formaldehyde for at least five years from the day of purchase. Harmful for health, if your office has any of these things, it is better to get an air purifier. To purify the air from these chemicals and hazardous elements, it is necessary to get a good quality air purifier, like the one offered by Future Choice.

These are a few reasons why you should add an Air Purifier in your workspace. Because the healthy your office’s air is the healthier are you and your team members at work. Latest air purifier suppliers in India are equipped with all the necessary filters and stages of filtrations which keep these air-borne diseases away. And if you’re searching for popular air purifier manufacturers in any city of India, check out Future Choice Air Purifiers at http://www.fcairpurifier.com/

Why HEPA Air Purifiers are best for people who suffer from Allergies

At the time of buying an air purifier, the first thing you must consider is what your indoor air quality needs. If you or anyone at your place suffers from allergies, it is advisable to choose an air purifier that is designed for allergy relief. An air purifier with HEPA filter would be the best option to eliminate allergy causing germs in the air. HEPA filters are known to remove 99.97% of the most common allergy-causing bacteria, which include pollen, dust mites, ragweed, pet dander, and mold spores. Air purifiers with HEPA filters are regarded as the most efficient air purifiers in the market.

HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters are not a new but an invention that took place during the World War II period. It was and is still used to remove contaminating particles from the air. A HEPA filter in an air purifier filters and removes particles bigger than 0.3 microns, which is the standard measure for microns. It sucks up smoke and eliminates the odor of smoke from the air. Not only this, an air purifier does multiple tasks like preserving your home’s room décor, protecting furniture, reduces maintenance of the space, and also keeps you safe from the radiations and chemicals emitted from heating equipment like laptops, printers, etc.

Talking about allergies and breathing or lung diseases, of chemical pollutants or odor trigger your asthma symptoms, you might want to consider an air purifier that keeps asthma, odor and chemical contaminants away. For this, a HEPA filter Air purifier does the job for you. One such purifier is Future Choice Air Purifier which is best for homes and offices. There are a few air purifiers which are not only equipped with HEPA filters for allergen particle removal but other filters to remove odor and chemicals from the air. So if you are extremely sensitive to chemicals, you might consider an air purifier meant for multiple purposes.

If you’re looking for an all-purpose air purifier to improve your air quality indoors and create a healthier home, you can shop the one that fits your needs the best. Check all the filters an air purifier comes with and read about it before buying, as many Air purifier manufacturers in India offer Air Purifiers with HEPA and other filters to purify the air you breathe in. You can choose the one that removes dust and chemical particles as well as the gases from the air.

An air purifier will aid in removing all pollutants from the air and is hence is a very efficient appliance to add to any home. And why just your home, you must add an air purifier to all the places you spend most of your day, like an office or your home working space. So after reading all that comes with a HEPA air purifier, are you interested in buying the best quality air purifier with HEPA filter? Or want to know more about the latest air purifier manufacturers in India? Visit http://www.fcairpurifier.com/ today.