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Future Choice Platinum Air Purifier

Future Choice Platinum Air Purifier

India is now considered as a lookalike of an apocalyptic landscape, as you can observe poisonous air around you. The quality of the air around deteriorating day by day due to rapid construction in the city, destruction of trees and increase in vehicles. As the pollution level rises it would lead to the rise of hazardous chemicals. Burning of trash, burning crackers and burning crops is making cities unlivable. There might be long term solution for this problem, but to keep the indoor air clean, it is the fact that, most of us rely on the air purifier. Indoor air contains lots of impurities, apart from that it contains chemicals such as benzene, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, naphthalene, and nitrogen dioxide etc. These components are highly dangerous for health. These pollutants can lead to serious allergy, lung infection and decrease the body tissues. At the time of dawn, various particles can be visible in the air. A decade before you can witness the freshness in the air, now you go out or even in the indoor air you feel suffocated.

Air Purifier is the prominent device for accessing fresh air at home or office. It is a good decision to buy the product for breathing pure. As far as Future Choice Group is the concern, the company has been working for a long time in achieving the primary objectives.

Future Choice has diversified its products, one of the best selling devices in the market is FC Platinum air purifier, and this product is available various features such as Pre filter + True HEPA H10, Activated carbon, UV Lamp, 3 layers of filtration, photocatalyst, remote control,  capacity 230 m3/h, Gross weight 8kg, color indicator blue, green, orange and red. Apart from that, there are various other features such as Noise 35-55bd, Applying 400-600 sq, ft, low power consumption and small sensor. Future Choice Group is the recognized company in providing pure air to the citizens of the country. FC Platinum Air Purifier is the best selling product of the company.

FC Platinum Air Purifier (DFQ-609): Features

  • Pre filter+True HEPA filters H10
  • Activated Carbon
  • UV Lamp
  • 3 layer of filtration
  • Photocatalyst
  • Capacity 230m3/h
  • Gross Weight 8KG
  • Color Indicator blue, orange & red
  • Negative ion 1000,0000 pcs/cm3
  • Noise 35-55 db
  • Applying Area 400-600sq.ft
  • Timer 1-8h
  • Smell sensor and AC Motor
  • Low power Consumption
  • Remote Controller

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  • Date: Launched on 04 April, 2017
  • Category: Models